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5 Ways to Increase Video Views Just Implement and Grow

Today, Only Video Marketing is answering a commonly asked question, How to Increase Video Views? The answer to this question is incredibly important, whether you are an influencer, an entrepreneur, or a business owner. Video views can be a critical aspect of brand growth and awareness. Additionally, gaining views makes monetizing your videos easier. Thus, to most effectively do so, we mapped out a few important steps to take. 

Advertising | Paid for Increase Video Views

The first thing you can do is YouTube Promotion. Cost-per-view typically costs .01 cents to .09 and serves as one of the fastest ways to advertise your videos. Otherwise, using organic advertising tactics can benefit and increase your viewership. 


Share with Your Network | Ask Them To Share & Engage 

Next, you can make sure to get your family and friends involved to subscribe, like, and engage with your videos. And once you have asked your family to engage with your content, you will be able to start marketing it on social media. By having your family members share to their social media accounts or with friends will increase your viewership directly and quickly. 


Get Your Video in Front of As Many People as Possible | Exposure is Key

Advertising and promoting your videos is an integral strategy for success due to the amount of channels there are at your disposal. Using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more to promote your videos will draw viewers and overtime, these viewers could become subscribers. While using these channels, it is important to include a call-to-action to draw people to your YouTube. 


SEO Optimization to Increase Video Views 

Use the right hashtags, create descriptive titles, and create all of these elements with a focus on keywords. When using keywords, your content is able to appear higher on search engines and to get more attention. Furthermore, Google and YouTube will be able to understand your content, allowing it to grow and be deemed impactful by these search engines. 


Emailing Your Videos

To address your audience directly, email your videos to them. Whether you include them in a newsletter or a company update, using email as a means of promotion increases the amount of views and puts your video in the direct hands of your niche audience. 

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5 Steps to Success

By providing you with these five steps for success, your brand will be able to get more views on videos. Over time, consistent viewership breeds subscriptions, which in return will allow for the monetization of your content. If you want to learn more about these specific tips, watch our video on YouTube. In less than four minutes, you will have all of the tools you need to get your campaign started. 


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