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What Makes Using OVM More Effective Than Advertising Alone

Did you know that 1.5 billion people use YouTube every single month? 400 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every single minute.  Advertising videos, get more exposure, and real viewers. Using a highly concentrated and wide-spread website like YouTube can feel overwhelming. There are hundreds of other brands out there trying to promote their content. More than billions of people use the site every year, all over the world. So what does this mean for you? 

It is incredibly difficult to establish a presence on YouTube. Meanwhile, it is difficult to differentiate your thumbnails, and video content, and to maintain viewership with so much media being produced every minute. But there are ways to overcome these obstacles… and it starts by choosing OnlyVideoMarketing to advertise your videos. 

Campaigns are run through YouTube Ads to develop brand awareness and more views in a cost-effective way. Upload your video and gain awareness with measurable results. 

We offer a fantastic service, which entails boosting your videos to enable you to gain more attention for your business. For years, we have been working in the realm of advertising and marketing. Our parent company, Pepper Gang has served as an impactful and effective digital marketing agency for years. To reiterate our successes, here are what some of our clients say about us, 


  • Our business has grown two fold each year since working with this great team. We would highly recommend them for internet advertising and social media advice.” – Barbara B. 
  • “They have helped us grow our online presence in our target market and have been an excellent resource for us from web design to online marketing and branding. They have also been great in helping us better define our particular marketing advantages” – Ian W. 
  • “This company has had a significant impact upon our performance by both cutting our total ad-spend and increasing our sales performance. Going into our second winter season with them, our year/year advance bookings are well ahead of anything we have achieved in the past, so I think we will see an even larger increase in performance this year.” – Andy Huntoon, Liberty Fleet. 


If you read closely, it is evident that we are committed to making your brand well-known and recognized by your target audience. We have worked with an array of companies, ranging from ski and snow companies to allergy relief centers. Furthermore, by having experience with such different brands and companies across the United States, we know what it takes to get your videos optimized. Our clients have gained over 6 million video views and counting. 

The Benefits of OVM: 

OWM (Only Video Marketing) Our promotion will get you real views from the people most interested in your content. Gaining visibility and reach, you will see visible, measurable results. We have been a trusted name in the advertising market (leader in our industry), with many years of experience in the video promotion space. 

With our organic promotion, we reach real people who want to engage with your content. We deliver the best results we can, but we do not force any fake engagement. We provide a range of the expected views for your video and make sure it will be in front of the audience. 

The videos you choose will be boosted on YouTube as an advertisement. One of the most fundamental aspects of our company is the way in which we approach client advertising. To ensure that we are attracting your unique target market, we perform thorough research surrounding your brand’s industry, target demographics, and most importantly, we learn who your competitors are.

We also have extensive experience in search engine optimization. All you need to do if you want to enhance your videos with our company is provide your content’s key word and tell us who you want to see your videos. Although YouTube serves as a website for video streaming, the site also works as a search engine; making SEO strategies a key aspect of success. We are up to date on trends, changes, and developing strategies surrounding SEO advertising. 

An example of this could like: 

A fitness instructor wants to target fans of “Home Workouts” and be provided with exposure to any users searching for “home workouts.” In this scenario, we would help the instructor by making sure that only people looking to workout or that are interested in home exercises are the demographics being exposed to their content. 

Though this is just an example, our point to you is that we will ensure that we reach your targeted audience. Thereby giving us your video descriptions along with keywords and phrases, you no longer have to worry about optimizing your content… we do that for you. By not needing to stress about your optimization, you will have more time, money, and confidence in your campaigns. 

But What is The Risk?

That is the beauty… there is none. 

Our program is risk-free, as it offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Thus, due to our specialization in promotion and growth, we refund you for our services if you stop using them or if you are unsatisfied with our service. The point of emphasis regarding this risk-free contract is that by investing in us, we are sure to invest in you. 

Also, by hiring an agency to handle your videos, you are less likely to waste money trying to advertise your brand on your own. There is less stress and pressure to perform; it is done for you! 

The plans are available on a monthly basis or as a one-time promotion. Our team will continuously work on your video campaign until you choose to cancel the subscription. Please contact us at info@onlyvideomarketing.com or the contact form on the website.

We know you want your videos to gain views and likes, which hopefully will turn into new subscribers and a sense of brand loyalty. Entering such a vast platform like YouTube may be scary, but by utilizing seasoned professionals, your brand will have a new opportunity to achieve success. Having a strong presence on one of the most used applications around the world is a guaranteed advantage over your competitors. Be unique, be bold, and let us join you in your company advertising campaign. Get started today! 

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