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5 Reasons Why YouTube is A Must To Promote Your Brand

YouTube is the second most used site in the United States. In addition to that fact, visuals are the most easily interpreted and best understood means of communication. Another jarring statistic represents the fact that visuals are processed within one’s brain 60,000 times faster than other mediums of media.  It’s a big reason why Youtube is important to Promote Your Brand.

A few other reasons include; ⅓ of internet users are also YouTube viewers (that is around 14.3 billion people); and to top that statistic, about 81% of internet users have used YouTube at one time or another. People also claim that video content is their favorite type of content to ingest, thus making YouTube the most favorable option as well. 

It is apparent that YouTube’s outreach is unfathomably large and the site’s extensive nature provides thousands (if not more) of opportunities daily to promote your brand. Additionally, by establishing yourself on YouTube, your other platforms are more likely to get more attention… But only if you advertise your content correctly. 

Using your YouTube channel or your specific videos, there are many factors that can be utilized on the site itself. Meanwhile, creating an identity for your brand; whether that be through your storylines, your logos, or via your “About” section, there are multiple strategies that you can use. YouTube videos can also be optimized through SEO strategies, creating the potential to not just be seen on YouTube, but on Google too. 

The site processes approximately 3 billion plus searches a month, reiterating the exposure your brand could get on the site. And the reasons we list above are only the beginning. We are going to outline 5 Reasons Why YouTube is A Must To Promote Your Brand. 

Most Effective Advertising Medium

Videos Are The Most Effective Advertising Medium 


Videos utilize many psychological elements that make them more effective. By using certain colors, messages, and storylines, you become more memorable in the minds of your target audience. There is also a higher success rate with comprehension when using videos to promote your brand. For example, it is proven that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual content. 

Here are some ways to engage your audience that are proven to make your videos more effective: 

  • Be unique. People see repetitive content more often than they do not. If your videos are reflective of your brand’s competitive advantages and tailored content, then you are more likely to be remembered. Furthermore, by creating an association in people’s minds with your content; whether that be feelings of joy, pieces of impactful advice, or feelings of passion, your videos will get more views and shares. This method is called the “Method of Loci” which is essentially characterized by eliciting visceral memories in viewers’ minds, based on your content. 
  • Be consistent with your unique visuals and engaging content; repetition is another effective way to promote your brand through your videos. Consistency is key. 
  • Location and storyline associations are also a fantastic way to engage people. By creating long-term memories, we are more likely to remember messages, images, and logos for extended periods of time. The more impactful, dynamic, and specific your content is; the more likely it is to be remembered. 

High demand for Video Content

High Demand for Video Content 


According to multiple marketing experts, it is evident that there is a want for video content. In the last year, a study showed that 54% of consumers are looking for more videos from a brand or business that they are interested in. Also, with hundreds of hours of content being uploaded every minute; there is evidently a demand, as this metric has increased steadily over time. Yet, despite the fact that there is a huge concentration of video content out there already; people always want more. 

Large Audience for Video

Large Audience 


Being a strong presence on YouTube will benefit your business or service for years to come. In the beginning of this year, it was recorded that 244.4 million Americans watched videos in the last 12 months. What does that mean for you? There are thousands of people out there looking for content like yours. Thus, if you can be successful on YouTube, your channel will get recognized, shared, and earn subscribers, which has the potential to grow your brand and to reach tons of people looking for content like yours. 

YouTube Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization 


YouTube is an excellent choice of promotion due to its search query system. Just like Google, YouTube also serves a search engine. Therefore, by utilizing search engine optimization techniques (SEO), then your brand will be seen by the niche audience you are looking for. The more relevant content you are producing that is geared towards users searching for content similar to yours will put your videos at the top of YouTube’s watch list. A way to optimize your content is by personalizing your thumbnails, optimizing your “About” section, and using titles that are easy to distinguish from others. 



YouTube advertising can be wildly beneficial for your brand as pay-per-click advertising (PPC) offers an array of plus sides. For example, by utilizing PPCs, you can pay each time someone clicks on your ad, which in return puts your name out there for users who are located in high-visibility areas online. 

However, the primary reason this strategy is cost-effective is that it offers the option to choose the maximum amount you will pay for your ads. You also ONLY pay when your ad is clicked, thereby eliminating budget allocations for ads that are not eliciting action. Some marketers have claimed that PPCs create the highest return on investment (ROI) of any video marketing strategy. 


After offering you 5 reasons why YouTube is a profound way to promote your brand, we hope that this helps you get more views, subscribers, and likes. If you have not enacted these strategies yet, you should implement them. On the other hand, if you are questioning promoting your brand on YouTube, do not. If you use these strategies and create content that reiterates the foundational aspects of your business, your brand will grow. 


If you are still feeling hesitant, schedule a time to talk with OnlyVideoMarketing today. We want to help your videos get more views so that you can proudly and confidently promote your brand through Video Marketing


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