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7 YouTube Marketing Secrets | Secret Weapon Marketing for Video

Regarding YouTube, it can be tricky to get noticed because of all the others posting content. But there’s a way around this that people don’t talk about. There are YouTube marketing secrets that will get your channel to the top and obtain the highest amount of views and engagement with your audience. 

Only Video Marketing promotes your videos to gain total video views. By advertising your videos on YouTube Ads, they will be viewed by viewers that are interested in content just like yours. 

YouTube is a platform that allows you to post videos of the content of your choice. The platform also gives engagement options to create a community through your videos, content, and individuals who enjoy what the video is about.

So let’s get started with YouTube’s marketing secrets.

The Marketing Secrets

There are many secrets when it comes to marketing your YouTube video. These marketing secrets can make all the difference in the attention you receive. So let’s learn what those secrets are and how they will help you.

  • Google Trend
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Engagement
  • Build Image
  • Solutions
  • Develop a Calendar and Playlist
  • Keyword Tool

Google Trends For Youtube marketing

Google Trends is a handy tool at the tip of your fingers. This tool gives you a chance to view what the top requested google searches are. When utilizing this information, you can target your videos in google based on those top requested searches.

When wanting to utilize this tool, you can search for specific keywords. When searching for the keyword you have chosen, you will be able to see the interest in the topic. It will then determine which region is most engaged in that search (from most to least). This gives you an idea of how much attention the keywords you use will gravitate attention.

To access this tool, you can click here: Google Trends

YouTube Analytics For Youtube marketing

YouTube is an excellent tool to use and is available to you, so take advantage of it. You can view all data regarding your channel, videos, who views your videos, and their source.

To reach this marketing secret go to YouTube and log into your account. You will tap your profile picture from there to get you to your channel. Following that, you will have the option to tap analytics, and you will be able to view all of the information regarding your account (watch time, subscribers, views, etc.). 

You can access this at: YouTube Analytics


Regarding marketing, engagement isn’t as talked about as it should be. Leaving your comment section open under your video is a great thing. It allows people to engage with your videos, communicate with you, and create a sense of community. Engagement also consists of responding to comments below your video. This shows your viewers that you care about them, what they have to say, and their feedback. Recomend to read How To Build Brand Engagement.

Build Image

Building your image regarding your YouTube channel is a secret tip when marketing your channel and content. Creating this image can have you viewed as reputable and trusted.


Providing solutions to your viewers through your content creates a sense of trust and community. When viewers are searching for an answer, and you’re talking about solution they’re looking for in your video, they will start coming back to your content for more general information. Whatever the topic may be in the video, your viewers will listen if you continually build a community on your channel.

Develop a Calendar and Playlist

Developing a calendar creates a consistent time for posting and a deadline for you to produce content. The more content you get out there, the more likely it is to be viewed. It shows you put in the effort and care about your channel. 

Developing a playlist within your YouTune channel will make it easier for viewers to find specific videos about certain topics more accessible. The organization provides clear navigation on your channel.

Keyword Tool For Youtube marketing

The keyword tool is handy and is a marketing secret for getting more views. The keyword tool allows you to see what keywords are popular in searching, where in the world, whether it’s trending up and down, etc. You are also given the option to look at specific platforms, the numbers for that website’s keyword search, and what those numbers represent.

When entering the website, you will go to their website, select the specific platform on which you are looking for data, and type in the keyword. After clicking enter, you are given the search volume regarding the keyword, trend (up or down, percentage), competition, and other specific keywords listed below.

To access this website, click here: Keyword Tool.

Using these YouTube marketing secrets, you can promote your channel and become aware of what can make you gain the most attention. Taking these steps we have given you and using them will make a difference in your channel becoming streamed more. These secrets create a sense of reliability with your channel and content. The proper marketing techniques, like those listed above, make all the difference and can build your platform steadily.


So don’t wait any longer than you already have. Get started and start growing your YouTube channel.


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