Video Promotion on YouTube Best Practices

Video Promotion on YouTube | Best Practices

When wanting to make it big on YouTube, it can be challenging due to all influencers and content creators posting. There are many ways to promote your YouTube videos, but not all are as successful as the others.  YouTube is a platform that was created in 2005 and based out of California. YouTube is used for individuals to post content and videos on whatever they choose to while reaching the target audience they want. 

Only Video Marketing provides promotion of your videos to gain total video views. By advertising your videos on YouTube, they will be seen by viewers who share an interest in content like yours. This allows for the most real outreach.

So let’s get started on the best practices regarding video promotion.

Ways To Promote

Ways to Promote

There are many different ways of promoting your videos on YouTube, as your videos can get lost throughout the platform with all of the content being posted.

  • Video itself
  • Target audience
  • Video development
  • Call to action
  • Voice
  • Duration

Video Itself

The video itself can make all the difference in promoting it. People will want to watch something that interests them while browsing through YouTube. They won’t want to stay if the video doesn’t intrigue viewers. 

Target Audience

Understanding your target audience can make it much easier to figure out how to reach them. That way, your video becomes promoted in the best, most effective way and to the correct people.

Video Development

video development

Video development is a great way to promote your YouTube videos. Viewers will likely tune in and take you and your content seriously when your video looks professional and well done. This can also affect whether or not a viewer comes back to your page to look at other videos or subscribe to your channel.

Call To Action

Incorporating a call to action within your content on YouTube can promote your video. This is because it encourages your viewers to take action regarding something they want to do related to your content.


People tend to tune into videos more depending on the voice in the video. The voice makes all the difference. Whether it’s a soothing and relaxing voice or if it sounds aggressive will determine whether or not individuals will want to tune in.

Duration of Video

The amount of time the video determines whether or not individuals will want to tune in. The shorter the video, the more likely someone will want to sit there and finish it. The first 3-5 seconds of the video make or break whether or not you have your viewers’ attention. If you can catch their attention within that time frame, the viewer will be intrigued by the content you will be presenting and tune in.

Captivating Captions

Creating a captivating caption can also make all the difference in promoting your YouTube video. Whether an individual is searching for something specific on the platform or just browsing, the caption is the first thing the viewer looks at. That will make all the difference in gravitating attention and clicks for your video.

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What Others Are Doing Wrong For YouTube video promotion

What Other Are Doing Wrong

When posting on YouTube, all content creators have the same intentions and goals. But when what they’re doing isn’t promoting their videos or gravitating attention, they don’t change their methods. Individuals tend to continue those ways in hopes that it will eventually work.

So let’s examine what you could be doing wrong when promoting your videos.

  • Getting off topic.
  • Not good quality. 
  • No passion

Getting Off Topic

Getting off topic can vere your viewers away from your content. This is because if someone is watching a video that isn’t what the caption said it would be about, viewers won’t want to watch it or any others that the creator would post. They wouldn’t tune into others because the content creator would come off as unreliable.

Not Good Quality

Having the video not have good quality will have viewers not take the creator seriously. This will create a domino effect until the quality is good and they are viewed as someone that knows what they’re doing.  

No Passion

When the content creator has no passion for the topic they are discussing in their YouTube video, it leaves room for doubt. The content being presented wouldn’t be trusted or taken seriously.

When promoting your video on YouTube, these discussed tips can get you to where you want to be. When applying all of the above concepts, the attention and views you’ve been working so hard for and deserve will come. Promoting your videos will allow you to be recognized and reach your target audience. 

Promoting your YouTube videos comes with lots of strategic decisions. Taking these tips and applying them to your content on the platform will give you the confidence to continue posting what you’re passionate about and want to be heard. It’s worth it. So don’t wait any longer. Take these best practices you’ve learned and get your YouTube videos promoted.

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